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Responsive Website Designing

Remember when Steve Jobs told, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Certainly, he had responsive design at the back of his mind when he quoted this so intellectually. True enough for a man like him to be precise and crystal clear in his words.

Raj Technical House (RTH) upholds that screen resolution is mandatory for every project to reflect brilliance. No design is complete without appropriate functioning and that’s what we call RWD which stands for Responsive Web Design. Therefore, we understand the necessity of designing websites that are responsive in nature. An instance is when you check the same website on different devices, for example: a laptop and a smartphone. We offer you website designing in Kolkata which is responsive and user-friendly. It is evident that you would not want to visit a site that is disoriented on the screen. Now this is attainable only with the help of a CSS based design where priority is laid on proportion built on grids. This establishment helps us develop a website that remains oriented on different screens. This grid is basically modelled to adapt itself to the width parameters.

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E-Commerce Website Design

“Ecommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake.”, rightly quoted, CEO of Loreal, Jean Paul Ago. Without leaving a scope of doubt, we totally concur with him. Online retail business is the latest revolution in the economy in which both small- and large-scale enterprises are growing. With this advancing chance, many business organizations, including new setups are shifting their attention to making profits online.

Evidently, if you make up your mind to invest in the designing of an ecommerce website, you’re thinking of profits. Application of our innovation and the right business tactic will help you flourish in your occupation.

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Website Redesign

With flourishing business opportunities that are available online, most of us must be already having a website. Your brand gets represented through the means of online content that you share on your website. Furthermore, it helps your prospective clients reach out to you easily and get hands on your services or products. With growing competition, everyone are trying to emerge as the best in their respective fields. This includes their appearance, content and marketing strategy on their websites or even social media handles.

The trends in the industry are fast changing and this persuades every business to redesign their website. In addition, redesigning a website is indispensable especially if you’re working in a competitive industry. It has been seen that most of the businesses would settle on redesigning every 3-5 years. With the implementation of new design, our motive is to generate better profits for you. Now this is certainly possible with better engagement and traffic conversion. This is undoubtedly what we all want to survive in this aggressive market.

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UI & UX Design

According to Dain Miller, “UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.” We know what Miller meant when he gifted us with such an amazing quote. If we at Raj Technical House (RTH) were to define it, we would say it in multiple ways. “Serving good on the platter (design), would fill in the tables (interaction) swiftly.”, quoted our chief content writer.

Now UI and UX together gives us an enhanced functioning of any website or application. UI and UX are abbreviation of User Interface and User Experience respectively. The primary use of UI design is to amplify the visual effects by focusing on the design, fonts, and graphic in general. Whereas, UX predominantly works with information architect, frame, user research and the prototypes to give good user interaction to visitors.

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CMS Web Development

In the field of technology, one web application has created enough buzz to attract every developer’s attention. This term is Content Management System (CMS) and even if you aren’t a techie, we are sure you too have heard of it. Now in the light of this trending application, we would say that this is the most doable app ever. Using a CMS enables us to create, edit and evenly store html content in the most efficient and organized manner. The operative database increases the functionality of the website with uncomplicated access to the admin panel.

At Raj Technical House (RTH) development of what is known as backend has eased the burden of many businesses. A backend is that section of your website where you can manage all the operations and content conveniently. The input added in the backend results in what the audience sees on your website which is called the frontend. This application is highly preferred by businesses where they have to regularly update their content. This is applicable for businesses where products are sold online or new deals and offers are to be added. Although the extensions are a part of it, but the usage gets extremely effortless for the user.

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WordPress Web Development

Undoubtedly, we all have heard of WordPress, a free blogging tool that is accessible by bloggers across the globe. I read once on Goodreads a quote which made enough sense to me. It said, “WordPress is the most popular CMS on internet. It is third most used technology for web development the popularity of WordPress based on...know more...” Evidently, some of you might still be wondering what has it got to do with web development. Well, we would answer the same to you, but we need to first understand how is it similar, yet different from the blogging website.

To begin with, WordPress primarily functions on three major components. This constituent is made up of core, themes and plugins which forms an essential part of it. WordPress Web Development so far has gained popularity of these core elements. Not only it provides us with backend support which is the core, but also the frontend which is the theme. As revealed by the terms, backend is the administrative section of the website. On the other hand, frontend is the feel or the design and appearance of the website. In addition to this the plugins are another vital option that enhance the overall functionality of the website. Together these three units is what makes WordPress stand out in the crowd.It is the responsibility of your website designing company in Kolkata to take care of these aspects.

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