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Remember when Steve Jobs told, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Certainly, he had responsive design at the back of his mind when he quoted this so intellectually. True enough for a man like him to be precise and crystal clear in his words.

Raj Technical House (RTH) upholds that screen resolution is mandatory for every project to reflect brilliance. No design is complete without appropriate functioning and that’s what we call RWD which stands for Responsive Web Design. Therefore, we understand the necessity of designing websites that are responsive in nature. An instance is when you check the same website on different devices, for example: a laptop and a smartphone. We offer you website designing in Kolkata which is responsive and user-friendly. It is evident that you would not want to visit a site that is disoriented on the screen. Now this is attainable only with the help of a CSS based design where priority is laid on proportion built on grids. This establishment helps us develop a website that remains oriented on different screens. This grid is basically modelled to adapt itself to the width parameters.

So obvious it is to see everyone preoccupied in their smartphones and tablets. These portable gadgets are not just a part of life, but also a medium of connecting to the world. As a consequence, it has become a prerequisite for us to have a website that is responsive in these devices. The span of attention in mobiles tend to get diverted often thus, inadequate navigation on site can lead to loss of potential customers. This is what we help you with as a website designing company in Kolkata.

To make user experience good and friendly for your clients, we at RTH have in all rights held responsive design as our primary priority. Apparently, the standard desktop version has the same design and layout, but with a different resolution. We help you create a website that is user friendly for your visitors. Fitting into all types of devices is now easy as pie. To know more about your website design and layout or even to redesign your old website, call RTH now.

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